Frying an Egg Over Easy

Use an 8” non-stick skillet. Put a slice of butter in a medium-low pan. Crack an egg (or up to 3) into a small dish. Let the butter melt and get a little foamy; rotate the pan so the melted butter covers the surface of the pan. Add the egg to the pan. Prepare leftovers on a plate. Let the egg white harden a little so you can rotate/slide the egg in the pan. Some of the white will still be uncooked; flip the egg. I flip it in the pan without using a spatula. After about 30 seconds turn the heat off and rotate the egg in the pan. After about another 30 seconds slide the egg over the top of the leftovers. Adjust the timing for the desired doneness of the yolk. I like my yolk soft and runny.

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